FairerTales is an independent producer of experimental cultural formats. We are located at the crossroads of anthropology, the arts, social action and engaged  entrepreneurship.

By amplifying stories at the margins and transcending genres, our projects promote self-expression, cultural innovation, and fairer models of togetherness. Our areas of activity include vr-arthouse cinema, research, retreats, and creative interventions.

FairerTales is based and registered in Poznan (PL) and was first founded in Hebden Bridge (UK). The founder and director of FairerTales is Dr Hannah Wadle.

Editor’s pick of current FairerTales projects:

STN:ORT Pałac Festiwal 2020: Lato Okien / Summer of Windows / Fenstersommer (Sztynort, Radzieje, Online)

SZTYNORT 1935/ Götterspeise (VR-Movie)

MUSICAL PLAYGROUND (Polish-German Concert Production)

Browse our project history:

Project portfolio



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