Welcome to FairerTales


Ideas move through us every day. Some are louder demanding attention, some are timid but return repeatedly, others are almost translucent and only take shape after time. At times, we only see the big shadow of an idea, other times we cannot fathom its real size. Ideas come to us as potentialities, as hauntings, as echoes from the past or calls from the future. Where do ideas come from and where do they go to? Who do they really belong to and who will they connect us to? How do we chose whether to tune in and listen to ideas or not? How do we respond to our ideas or correspond with them? The way from ideas to a vision is always fragile and personal, it requires introspection and entails decisions. 


We have come to use the word creativity for many things. It sounds appealing, yet often economic logics and limiting definitions of success generate creative forces with disastrous trajectories for others. Creativity is a force that is neither good or bad in its essence, but it is a power with the potential to affect and change lives. As such, creative processes demand attention to the questions of empathy and care. How can empathy become a muse for creators and innovators? And what does it take to use empathic imagination as a part of creative processes? We live in a world of creators and innovators, in which new definitions of success and a new ethos of creative practice are required: those that include relating to others and, often those of solidarity.

The courage to LIMINALITY yearns INNOVATION

We must be brave to let go of the usual ways of doings things, of our theories, and of how things are supposed to be. We need to create sanctuaries – mental, spatial, social and economic ones, which afford us the possibility to deconstruct, critique, compose, and collaborate. But no one can be courageous on our behalf. It is we who have to be it, and to bear the existential intellectual and emotional insecurities that come with it. We need techniques and a network that supports us in these shaky periods. 


In an era, in which everyone is supposed to be looking for followers, how about rediscovering the beauty of walking on the side of somebody else. In Arabic language, there is a name for a friend who you share your travels with: Rafik. Rafik is not somebody who follows you, but who joins in experiences, who takes responsibility for the road together, and whom you encounter on eye-level and with huge trust. Walking together allows us for the openness of the journey and locates the creativity in the conversation, the controversy and in a pathway. 

Welcome to FairerTales.

FairerTales is a creative production hub based and registered in Poznan (Poland). It was first founded in 2016 in Manchester/Hebden Bridge (UK). FairerTales makes connections between social research, cultural activism, inclusive storytelling, new technology, and social entrepreneurship.  Read more about us.


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