What we do

Our key areas of work are Research & Storytelling, Residentials & Retreats, and Art & Creative Interventions. Often, these areas overlap and we mix and match to suit the project. All FairerTales projects are unique and tailored to the context.

As researchers, we are passionate about researching untold stories and finding a language for them. Our training in Ethnography, Oral History, and archival research helps us with it. We use anthropological theory and imagination to shape fairer narratives and work towards inclusion and visibility. We also design and facilitate safe liminal spaces, where your emerging ideas, stories, and identities can unfold. And we even produce creative collaborative art interventions that bring people together, open up new conversations, and bring places back to life.

Since its foundation in 2016, FairerTales has worked with UK academics at different stages of their career, with Eastern and Central European communities in the context of urban diversity in Manchester and at a transnational cultural heritage site-in-the-making in Poland. We operate on a small scale, currently Europe-wide with offices in Hebden Bridge (UK), Speyer (Germany), Stargard (PL), and Sztynort (PL).

Contact us

We work with individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses. If you want to get involved as a volunteer in one of your projects, or you think, you’d fit in with FairerTales, we would like to hear from you, too. We are looking forward to  collaborating with you in! Just get in touch via email info(at)fairertales.org.