“Pirates of the Masurian Lakes. Illustrated Logbook”: Collaborative Ethnofiction

Collaborative Ethnofiction. Jerzy Tyszko passes his illustrations to Hannah From FairerTales in February 2015.

What happens, if a true senior Polish sailor, Jerzy Tyszko, and an ethnographer of Polish sailing culture, Hannah Wadle, embark on a fictive journey together? The ethnofiction logbook of their search for the hidden sailing tribe in the Masurian Lake District is a creative adventure and an honest conversation about the peculiarities, myths, and changes in contemporary Masurian and Polish Sailing culture. The book is in preparation and will be available in Summer 2018.

With this FairerTales experimental, conversational ethnofiction project, we aim to engage broader audiences in contemporary anthropological research and begin a conversation about post-socialist tourism cultures and communities. A book website is in preparation. Read more about theoretical reflections on the project here:

H. Wadle (2015) In One Boat with Komandor Tyszko: Comics, Collaboration, Place-Making, and Knowledge Exchange on the Theme of Postsocialist Transformations of Polish Sailing Tourism. Centre for Imaginative Ethnography.


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