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Events Calendar:

20th-22nd April 2018: Song Writing Weekend (Hebden Bridge, tbc)

17th June 2018: Manchester Day Parade

June-July 2018 FairerTales Creative/Research Project 2018 tbc

8th-11th August 2018: Stn:art – Festival, Sztynort Duze tbc

20th-24th August 2018: Post-EASA Writing Retreat, Sweden tbc

1st-5th October 2018: Practice Flow: Surf & Write in Porto, Portugal

15th-18th December: Brave Winter Workshop for Artists and Researchers tbc

Dear Friends of FairerTales,

Before all this year really began, I took a short surfing trip to Porto, which has powered me since and has given me the energy and strength to move forwards. I decided to dedicate this year to the art of opportunity and to the force of the wave. This may sound pathetic, but sometimes pathos is exactly what you need – it all depends on how you dilute it with the reality around you. And this winter has been a long one – so energy and perseverance is what is needed.

January and February were covered for me by an intense phase of (“home-“)work: writing up research articles, drafting new research and cultural projects, and completing a long publication project with my colleague Bianca Hoenig. Submitting was a big relief and a very happy moment. Stuck in front of screens and surrounded my own thoughts for a few weeks, I was glad to finally be organising community events with Europia Manchester in February and to contribute to the Free For Arts Festival organized by Art Vanguard in Manchester.

The highlight in March was attending the second edition of the Betzavta-training in mid-March, which was facilitated by Tali Padan and Iva Bubalo from Mellem Education. From now on, FairerTales will  be working with the Betzavta method. Betzavta means “Together” and is an experiential learning process towards lived democracy. It teaches us to understand group processes of decision making and to approach them more democratically – emphasizing each individual’s equal right to freedom. Betzavta gives us the space to explore the role we play in group processes and conflicts. The method allows us to experiment with ways of interacting and expressing ourselves. I am looking forward to applying Betzavta-method: I will be putting on a training on collaborative research and writing with Betzavta.

In April, I will be attending another training: A writing facilitation retreat, put on by writing-guru Rowena Murray in Scotland. I am very much looking forward to applying Rowena Murray’s writing methods and combining them with the concept of Liminal Thinking Capacity that I have been working with previously with researchers.

Also: The Stn:ort festival is in the planning phase for the first week of August, and shortly the key dates and events will be published. Keep an eye out on our Stn:ort website.

So much for now, have a look at the calendar of events to find out what Fairer Tales is doing in the next months. All the best from,

Hannah Wadle.