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March-June 2018: FairerTales Research Project with Europia (Ageing & Migration)

6th-11th August 2018: STN:ORT Festival 2018, Sztynort

15th-17th August 2018: EASA (European Association of Social Anthropologists) Conference Participation

September-December 2018: Here is where old projects finish and start. Exciting travels to new shores.


Dear Friends of FairerTales,

I am writing after a few intense spring and months of stringing together people, places, thoughts and ideas. Working across countries and languages to create new spaces and tales. It is a delight to see everything slowly materialize and gain shape and form. Some of the harvest has been brought in already, other projects are still getting the last sunshine to gain an extra bit of ripeness and depth of flavour.

In June, after ethnographic field research, interviews, and community engagement activities, we finished an extensive research report with policy recommendations about later-life migration among the Polish migrant community in Manchester.

From June on, we gathered our forces to prepare the second Palace Days in Sztynort, Stn:ort 2018. The goal: Reviving the palace ruin in Sztynort culturally and bringing communities together through the stories of the building and through music and art. We chose the theme “Walk – Spaziergang- Spacer” to tell the history of resistance against Hitler that took place in the manor in the 1930s and 1940s. The festival week took place from the 6th to the 11th of August, and involved over forty wonderful volunteers and an amazing group of international artists and performers who made the whole event happen. It was a beautiful week of encounters that brought positive energy to the place and turned visitors into co-creators. We have been promised funding for the coming year from different sources – so keep your eyes open for more.

Right after the festival week, Hannah from FairerTales left the band and travelled on to the EASA conference that took place in Stockholm, while Katja state in Sztynort, Christa took the car to Germany, Thea traveled to Berlin, and Karolina to Warsaw. In Stockholm, Hannah  presented her research and creative collaboration project with sailor-cum-artist Jerzy Tyszko on sailing culture in the Masurian Lake District in Maarja Kaaristo’s and Ben Bowle’s panel on water dwelling. She also attended a panel on peripherality, participated in a lab on activism and interventions through “silence” and linked up with the Colleex-network. New plans are developing, they include an experimental writing retreats and the collaboration with peace-building institution in Stockholm.

Es bleibt spannend! Things stay exciting!

All the best an more from us soon. Enjoy the summer as long as it lasts,