News & Calendar

Dear Friends of FairerTales,

It is end of October 2017, and after a busy break, our new website is now finally live. To be fair, it is in a beta state, but at at least there is some presence.

We are pleased that we are now officially on the suppliers list for the University of Manchester. Furthermore: we have been booked for another PhD residential for students with scholarships from the North-West-Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership. Apart from that, we are also starting two new projects with Central and Eastern Europeans in Manchester.

Our exhibition at the Manor of Sztynort in Poland and the related events finished with en extremely positive audience resonance from the Polish and German visitors’ community. It also received recognition by the Deutsch-Polnische Stiftung for Kulturpflege und Denkmalschutz and the Technical University of Dresden. We are thinking about planning the next one for 2018.

And lastly, two book projects are moving into their final stages: The ethno-fiction project “Na poszukiwaniu ostatniego Mazurskiego żeglarza. Dziennik pokładowy ilustrowany” with sailor and illustrator Jerzy Tyszko is almost ready to be proofread. And the edited collection “Eden für jeden? Touristische Sehnsuchtsorte in  Mittel-und Osteuropa nach 1945” is also on the finish line. 

So altogether good news. And yet – there is still a lot to achieve in the next months. But so far so good. Enjoy the website, 

Hannah C. Wadle.