Creative Interventions

In our creative interventions, we use our imagination, our bodies, materials, words, ideas, melodies to create something meaningful and intriguing together. We hack places to turn them into public spaces of performance, creativity, and reflection: The interventions happen in the public realm and their outcomes are be made publicly accessible.

Sometimes, FairerTales Creative interventions mean nothing more than sitting down with some martial and a purpose, starting to make something, and inviting whoever passes by to join in. We make an proposition for an open creative table and don’t mind waiting for people to find us. In this new space, with the activities we propose, people can find a momentary shelter, they experience warmth, common purpose, and space to express themselves. At the same time, our creative interventions imbue cool or lonely places with vitality, warmth, and empathy.

Other times, we set up exhibitions, creative workshops or performances that tap into people’s imaginaries and memories. They give them the opportunity to rediscover them, play with them and challenge them. Often these are anthropologically inspired creative interventions that push the artistic collaborators to engage creatively with complex subjects such as cultural memory, social divisions, gendered bodies, language worlds, concepts of beauty and so more.

We have worked with international visitors and local residents of a transnational heritage site in-the-making, and with Central and Eastern Europeans in the context of urban diversity in Manchester. If you know about a space or a group of people that would benefit from FairerTales Creative Interventions or you would like some advice of how to carry out creative interventions in your own field, do get in touch with us.